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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A & P Software

A & P Software

This is a wonderful creation for the future. And soon people will start using it.
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Top Features

Cloud Applications

How To Do It?


About AP Tools

Read the white Paper about the Professional Use of Albatross

Multiple search engines are a one of the many features of the Albatross Clouds Browser

Here you can see a Multiple Search on the internet (Silverlight is required)

Overview Clouds Applications
New Search Experience

Just, try it out. Your Live or Google links are opened in a new tab or each search result is opened automatically. You have also new buttons to extend your surf experience

Cross Tab Navigation

Navigate back to parent tab, Close Tab and go back to Parent Tab or Clear the children from a Tab

Multiple Search

Create multiple search groups. You type the name from an artist and you get the video, the lyrics and the latest news about the artist. This is possible with a multi-search group that you can define.

Quick Find menu's

The menu's are made to find very quick you links and application.

Define surf behaviour for each link

You define for each link the webpage behaviour. Block Popups, links in new tabs, hide navigation bar, confirmation before close. Especially for web application this can make the difference

Sound Support

Start your browser with a message, error messages are spoken. You can also set this option off


Password manager, Auto fill-in password and logons

Don't lose time with registration forms

You can copy and paste your personal data in registration forms

The Webbrowser for the Clouds

Discover clouds applications and save money. Do you know the power of Google documents , Zoho , Edit Grid,...Albatross has unique futures to use Cloud Application

The Browser for Teams

Links, applications... are stored in one file. Put it on a server an everybody can share it.

Create group of links, clouds applications, Rss feeds

Create Groups of Links

Windows Integration

In Albatross Clouds you can also open maps, start Windows programs... In the overview screen you see not only the open internet tabs but also the active Windows Programs

Overview Screen Windows en Web Applications

In the overview screen you see not only the open internet tabs but also the active Windows Programs

Create Groups and User

Each group can have is own links, clouds applications, rssfeeds, maps, forbidden websites....

Albatross Browser Download

The installation from the code generator takes only a few minutes. You need to download only 2 Mb. The Microsoft Net framework 3.0 must be installed on your computer. If it’s not installed the installation program will asks to download it.
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